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Lecturer in Games Technology and Computer Science.

Scaling single cell

PhD: Real-time Simulation Of Cancer Spheroids

Simulate and visualize the interactions between 1 Million cancer cells to create a virtual cancer spheroid and help improve the process of Drug Discovery.

My Role:

 - PhD Project

A PlayStation VR Exclusive. 


Play as a visually impaired protagonist who is in search of peace and solitude from the crowds of a busy city.

My Role:

- Programming Team Lead

Procedural Dungeon: DirectX 11

The aim of this project is to demonstrate the use of DirectX and create a procedural environment in 3D.

My Role:

 - Individual Project

Fleur's Wonderland

AR Application

Point your camera at the specific penguin statue to see the world around it change and come to life.

My Role:

 - Designer

 - Developer

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Hakuna's Fire

Action Adventure Stealth Based game. 

Based on a rivalry between Herbivores and Carnivores in the Village of Daewon, you play as a meerkat: Hakuna, and are in search for the mystical object: The Edan Fire. 

My Role:

 - Gameplay Programmer 

 - Systems Designer

Global Counterfeit

Built for Interpol in a serious game jam.

Teaches the player about IP Crime and how to identify Counterfeit products from originals.

This game won the Abertay Serious Game Jam 2017 in collaboration with Interpol and IIPIC

My Role:

- Gameplay Programmer


Casual Game Available on the Play Store.

My Role:

 - Gameplay Programmer

 - Game Designer

 - Sound Designer

Galactic Rivals

Fighting game.

Galactic Rivals was a game created by a team of 44 individuals in a span of 8 days. (14 Game Designers, 23 Artist and 7 Programmers)

My Role:

- Lead Game Programmer

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A little About Me
Currently, I work as a Lecturer at Abertay University, Dundee.  My PhD involves the implementation of large-scale HPC simulations while managing latency and interacting with the user by utilising game development techniques.

With an education in Game Design from Rubika Supinfogame India, I have
 received an MProf degree from Abertay University Dundee specializing in Game Technology.

Naman Merchant - Game Developer
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