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Ripples Through Time


Puzzle Platformer




My Role 

Gameplay Programmer

Level Designer


This is an adventure game created as an End of the Year project in my second year at Rubika Supinfogame. 

Ripples Through Time
level 4
level 5
level 6
level 2

About The Project

The game was created by a team of 5 students for a game jam called Build Your Own Game. The themes for the Jam were Time, Gravity and Infinity.

Duration:      2 Days
Team Size:   5 (3 Designers, 1 Programmer and 1 Artist)



Selected as one of the Top 10 games at BYOG 2015.



Ripples Through Time is a puzzle game which requires the player to control two different characters in two different time periods. The player's goal is to progress through levels. The girl in the present is required to progress through the archway to proceed to the next level. The player must analyse the situation in the present and the past and solve the puzzles accordingly. Both time periods can affect each other equally!



Game Engine:            Game Maker
Art Creation:               Photoshop


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