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Real-Time Simulation and Visualization of Cancer Cells

My Role 

PhD Project


On Going (2nd Year)

Previous Work

•Single Cell Visualization for propelling Drug discovery


•Interactions of multiple cells is missing.


• Accuracy of simulation and reproducing results is key.

SiViT (Goltsov et al., 2012)
Scaling single cell

Proposed Project

•Scaling up the pre-existing model to accommodate for interactions between 1M cells.


•Using Distributed computing methods to speed up the simulation.


• Maintain the accuracy of the simulation using efficient synchronization methods

Cell Models

There are 2 types of models that need to be coupled:

  • Cell Signalling (Protein interactions of cells)

  • Physical models (Forces between cells and their effects)

Scem: Forces
Network schematic. The model of the PI3K/PTEN/AKT and RAF/MEK/ERK signalling network. (Goltsov et al., 2012)


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