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Naman Merchant


I have been profoundly enthusiastic behind the working of games ever since I was a child. Instead of playing a game normally, I would analyze how the game’s mechanics work, or how the level was designed. I myself have been  making video games since the age of 12 on software like Flash using ActionScript 2.0. During the course of years, my passion for game development has me led to learn more programming languages and game engines. At present I am very comfortable with switching between different game engines very quickly. I believe that to understand something, we need to start with the basics, but reach through the roots of this subjects. The roots of making a game is the physics, rendering and in general, the underlining game engine. For this, i have a good understanding of how a game engine works with each component working individually, but collectively at the same time. 

Being a student in the stream of Game Design (Undergrad), I have gained a good amount of knowledge in this field. I have had experience in concept design, story writing, level design, documentation and last but not the least, communication. But so far, the most important thing that I have learnt, is that no matter how good an idea one has, if he/she doesn't not have the means to execute it, the idea itself would be redundant. Execution of an idea is an extremely important factor and that's exactly what i specialize in.

Being born and brought up in the city of Pune, India I currently am in Dundee, Scotland: Completing my PhD in Games and Computing. I am always up for travel and exploration. I also enjoy interacting with people from various cultures and countries. Because of this trait of mine, I was made the head of Public Relations for my annual College fest.

There's one thing that I know for sure. If I commit myself to something, no matter how small or big it is, I will give my best for it, and try my best to make sure that the job is well done. Dedication and hard work is the key to success and I strongly believe in that.


Lecturer in Game Technology and Mathematics

Abertay University Dundee (July 2020 - Present)


University of Abertay ( 2018 - Present)
PhD: Simulation of a 4D cancer spheroid 


University of Abertay ( 2016 - 2017)
Master of Professional Practice in Games Development
Supinfogame Rubika ( 2013 - 2016 )
Bachelors (Equivalent) in Game Design and Management



Professional Working Proficiency


Limited Working Proficiency

Gujurati & Kutchi

Mother Tongue


Game Engines


Programming Languages






Action Script

2.0, 3.0



Art Software

Sound Design

Project Management





Reading & Writing (Mostly Fantasy)



  • Piano

  • Guitar

HEMA: Historic Martial Arts (Sword Fighting)


  • Swimming

  • Table Tennis

  • Cricket

  • Tennis

  • Football


Movies and TV Shows

Travelling & Exploring



• Awarded a scholarship and travel stipend to attend GDC 2019, San Francisco.

PhD Studentship

• My PhD was 100% funded with tuition fees and a monthly stipend while being an international student.


BAFTA for Young Game Developers (YGD) 2016 for the Concept.
BBC, ITV and TayFM interviewed me for the game at Abertay University in September 2018.
( )

Hakuna's Fire

  • Awarded the FICCI Frames BAF Award 2016 for the Student Game Category.

  • Nominated for Nasscom GDC Student Game of the year 2015 as one of the best 5 game.

  • Selected as one of the top 20 games by Game Hack at Pocket Gamers Connect India 2016.


Ripples Through Time

  • Selected as one of the Top 10 games at BYOG 2015.

Global Counterfeit

  • Won the 3rd Abertay Serious Game Jam 2017 in collaboration with INTERPOL and IIPCIC.

At Rubika Supinfogame:

  • Awarded for Academic Excellence for overall performance in the 2nd Year.

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