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Mr. Can-Do


Rhythm Game

Game For Kids




My Role 

Gameplay Programmer

Game Designer: Concept, Balancing

Sound Designer

Mr Can Do
Mr Can Do
Mr Can Do
Mr Can Do
Mr Can DO
Mr Can Do
Mr Can Do

About The Project

This is my end of year project at Rubika Supinfogame. The challenge that was presented to us was that we had to create a game for chidlren that belong to the age-group of 6-8 yrs.

After a lot of changes and modifications to the main concept, we came up with this concept of a cute little shape shifting alein moving to the beat of the music through a dense jungle, trying to find his way back to his spaceship.


Duration:     4 Months

Team Size:   4 Game Designers

                      2 Game Artist


Mr. Can-Do, the alien from another planet of a far-away galaxy has fallen off his spaceship and landed on the famous green planet called "Earth". 

Following the music to find the way back to his spaceship, Mr. Can Do finds out that he can shape-shift into any animal that he sees.

The game is about this shape-shifting alein who traverses through different terrains to to reach his spaceship. Join Mr. Can Do on this Musical Adventure!


Game Engine:             Unity 5

Art Creation:                Photoshop

Music:                          Fruity Loops Studio


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