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Dungeon Crawler



Board Game

My Role 

Game Designer

About The Project

LOBH is a project created by a team of 3 Game Designers as our End of Year Project in our first year at DSK Supinfogame.

Duration:     5 months
Team Size: 3

Number of Players

1 to 4 Players


Documentation:   MS Office
Art Creation:        Photoshop


Lobh the word, is a literal translation of Greed. So, as the name suggests, the game is all about controlling and feeding your inner greed. 
Having 2 different player modes (Single player and multi-player) this game works on simple mechanics which include: Dice-roll and picking cards and is mostly a Dungeon Crawler.
In the single player mode, the player's main objective is to obtain all treasures in the dungeon where-as in the Multiplayer mode, you play as either the Hero or the Monster and prevent your opponent from reaching their goals. 
There are 5 character types to choose from and 2 different set of cards to pick from. Tounderstand the game better, have a look at the walkthrough video below.



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