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Galactic Rivals


Fighting Game



PC (Xbox Controller Recommended)

My Role 

Lead Game Programmer


This is a Fighting Game created in a team of 44 people in one week, in my second year at DSK Supinfogame.


Galactic Rivals is a futuristic based classic Fighting Game. The game is a multiplayer Player vs. Player game which includes deafeating your opponent in the given amount of time. 
You can choose from 7 characters and 3 different Arenas. Each charcter has 5 normal combos, 3 Special attacks, and one Ultimate Attack.



Game Engine:      Mugen + Fighter Factory
Art Creation:        3DS Max


About The Project

Galactic Rivals was a game created by a team of 44 individuals. (14 Game Designers, 23 Artist and 7 Programmers)

The amount of time taken to complete this project was 8 days.

As a team of programmers, We learnt the Game Engine Mugen and it's Scripting Language in the given time-frame and provided this final outcome within the deadline. (8 Days)

Duration:    1 Week
Team Size: 44

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