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Ely : The Light Seeker





PC (Xbox Controller Recommended)

My Role 

Gameplay Programmer

Game Designer: Concept


This is an adventure game created as an End of the Year project in my second year at Rubika Supinfogame. 

About The Project

This project was given to us in our third year at Rubika Supinfogame to see how well we fare in our Skills at using the Game Engine: Unity.

We were Required to create some procedural based content in a game with a genre of our choice within the span of one week.


Duration:      5 Days

Team Size:   3 Game Designers


Ely, the magical elemental bird has lost it's way in an underground cave. This mystical cave is in a state of constant manipulation, changing the path for Ely everytime Ely tries to find a way out.

The only thing leading Ely back into the skies, is the everglowing light which pulls Ely towards it. But the path on the way is not anywhere close to safe. The road to the light is filled with the creatures of the Mystical Cave. Can Ely use her elemental powers and traverse through the mysterious ever-changing cave?


Game Engine:             Unity 5

Art Creation:                Photoshop


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