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Eiffel Mania


Casual Game


My Role 

Gameplay Programmer



About The Project

The project was given to us in our 3rd year at Rubika Supinfogame where a group of 3 Designers and 1 artist teamed up with a group of 4 Designers and 2 Artist from Supinfogame France. The constraint given to us was to create a casual game for Girls living in either Paris or India ranging between the ages 18-25. 

We worked remotely with the team in France and delevered a finished prototype by the end of 5 working days.

Duration:     5 Days

Team Size:   5 Game Designers.

                      3 Game Artist



Embodying a woman in the late 19th century Paris, the player becomes a human cannonball to satisfy, in an unusual way, their fashion needs through this reflex-based game. Fired through an alternative Eiffel Tower turned into a shopping center, they force the opening of the shops in their way, and gathers the most expensive clothes to make their husband pay as much as they can.

The game is set in an alternative timeline of Paris in the 19th century. The Eiffel Tower has been converted into the world’s biggest shopping center. It consists of hundreds of shops starting from the bottom of the tower to the topmost part.
The main character is a woman who is married to a rich burgher. She is on a shopping spree and wants to spend as much money on her clothes and jewelry.


Game Engine:             Unity 5

Art Creation:                Photoshop

Music:                          Fruity Loops Studio



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