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My Role 

Gameplay Programmer

Game Designer: Concept, Balance

Sound Design / Music

About The Project

Distorted is an Android based game which is available on the play store. I created this game with the help of an artist where my role extended into Sound Design and Game Design along with Gameplay Programming.


From developing the game to publishing it on the Play Store, there was a lot that I learnt from this project.

Team Size:   2  (1: Artist; 1: Programmer)


- Tap on the right falling shape before the distorted shape above changes into something new.


- Fun and addictive Gameplay.
- Your goal is to get the highest score and stay on top of the leader-boards.
- Distorted is a Free to play endless Game
- Unlock all possible game modes.


The main challenge of Distorted is that it's a high score based game. Hit as many shapes as you can before the distortion gets to you!


Game Engine:             Unity 5

Art Creation:                Photoshop



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