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Sound Design in Cube


Action (FPS)


My Role 

Sound Designer/ Music

Level Designer



About The Project

In my masters at Abertay University, my interest in sound and music led me to take up this an optional module called Audio For Games.

This module was one for people with some experience in sound design and recording, but because i had none, this entire semester was one of constant learning and growth.

All the assets in the game have been recorded in a studio and edited with industry grade software like Pro Tools.

Most importantly, the integration was done in the software: Wwise which comes with a demo game engine called Cube.

The project did not require us to come up with a story-line but I did it anyways.

The most challenging part in this project was making the weapon sounds and eplosions.

Team Size:   Individual


A Scottish prince returning home from his exile finds out that this castle is now full  of monsters. 

His companion servant who refers to the prince as "Master" all points of time has always been around him, helping with his chores.

As the "Master" progresses into the castle, something about him makes him feel different and more energetic. He develops an instinct to kill everything in his path.

The castle was turning the Master into a monster.



Recording:                  Pro Tools

Editing:                       Pro Tools

Integration:                 WWISE

Game Engine:            Cube Engine

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