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Let There be Light


Multiplayer Puzzle Action


My Role 

Gameplay Programmer

Game Designer: Concept, Balance




This is an adventure game created as an End of the Year project in my second year at Rubika Supinfogame. 

About The Project

This project was created for the Global Game Jam 2016 where the theme was Ritual. The theme doesn't quite fit into this game, but the concept was fun to do, so we as a team chose to go ahead with it.

Team Size: 5 (3 Art; 2 Design; 1 Programmer)


The sun gods are furious against each other. Ra and Apollo are at war and neither is allowing the other to take control of the sun.


In this two player game, control the planets so that they reflect some light to the followers on earth. Choose either Ra or Apollo and play as the red / blue planets respectively.

You can block the opponent's light or destroy their planet if they fall in your orbit.  Be the one who shines the most amount of light on the planet to win!


Game Engine:      Unity 5

Art Creation:         Photoshop / 3DS Max 


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