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Celestia's Rescue


Manic Shooter

(Shoot 'em Up)


My Role 

Gameplay Programmer

Project Manager


PC (Xbox Controller Recommended)



Game Engine :
Art Editing :
Documentation :

Game Maker
MS Office


Celestia's Rescue is a game based on the franchise: My Little Pony and comes under the category of a Manic Shooter. Here you control the Phoenix that is looking for the lost Pony: Celestia. Do you think you can defeat the 3 major bosses that lie in your path and save Celesita in time? Try your skills at this intense Shoot 'em up: Celestia's Rescue!



About The Project

Celestia's Rescue is a Manic Shooter type of game which was created in 5 days. This was my first project on the engine: Game Maker.
We were  a total of 3 people working on this project with a constraint to make this game for the Franchise: My Little Pony. (Purely Academical)
I was the only Gameplay programmer working on this game.

Duration:     5 Days
Team Size: 3 


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